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6 benefits and functionalities of 360 review software in training organizations and large companies

December 6, 2019 admin 1

The educational online platforms  (LMS) or management systems of the learning are powerful tools for large enterprises and organizations of training, as simplify, improve and enrich all processes related to learning. Learning Management Systems or LMS are management softwares that also allow large companies and educational institutions to manage interactive multimedia content of the highest quality as well as infinite resources. For many companies it is the best educational solution that exists because thanks to these learning management systems they save time and costs on the one hand , and on the other they offer their employees an infinite number of online ad hoc courses in languages , computer science , marketing, sales , etc; which allows them to have an updated and trained staff in the latest market needs. Today we are going to discuss some benefits on the basis of 360 review software. To know about Articulate Training click here.

  1. Simplify learning processes

The educational online platforms like 360 review software are intuitive systems and easy to use , users solve everything related to their training quickly and easily . Are affordable alternatives for large companies also offer scalable, customizable and multilingual platforms for learning . These complete and innovative learning systems offer 360º experiences enriched with a logical structure of the contents and virtual classes for collaborative and social learning.

  1. Centralize all learning

Training, content and everything that surrounds learning is offered at all times in the same source or channel. Several users can access the information at any time, from any site and with any device . The Learning Management System ensures that all users designated by the company access the same material and content, regardless of their learning pace. They also allow the organization and customization of the content at any time.

  1. Simple update of the learning system

The SCORM content of the e-learning course and all the information related to it, can be easily updated at any time in the 360 review software, as the LMS offers a centralized location of the information that is easily accessible to make changes, corrections and updates when necessary. The users of the platform will have all that information updated, available and accessible at the same time.

  1. Monitoring, reporting and learning analysis

Through the platforms of online education can improve the performance of tools monitoring, evaluation and extraction of reports detailed a greater or lesser depth. They allow you to track, analyze and evaluate at any time the progression of all users who are taking any of the SCORM online courses integrated into the platform.

  1. Evaluation and final results of the training

Employers of large enterprises or agencies of training can assess at any time the level of your team, and whether the training has been successful or not. In addition, these 360 review softwares allow their users to progressively evaluate the course material, allowing them flexibility while monitoring the progress of the online course.

  1. Guarantee of effective quality training

The LMS for these reasons and many more guarantees to companies and institutions a reliable system for the integrated management of the learning in their business. Offering also an effective methodology and that really works among your human team reaching its objectives through an innovative educational solution and that every day adapts better to the needs of each organization. In conclusion, both the corporate sector and the education sector have to assess all the advantages and benefits of the implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) in their organizational structures, a learning system that is no longer the future but a present in the trends of training.

What are the functionalities that cannot be missing in an LMS software or platform?

There are many online learning platforms in the market that offer a variety of features and benefits. These are the 5 functionalities of a training software or LMS that can not be missing when selecting one for your company:

  1. Easy to use

What is the point of investing in a system that is difficult to use? When choosing an LMS software, it is essential that it be able to simplify the learning activities and programs of your company instead of complicating them. Otherwise, it will not be used or at best it will be replaced by another solution. Choose a software that has a friendly and intuitive interface , the ideal is that both your human resources team and the rest of the users master the use of the tool and learn to do it quickly.

  1. Content management

Another basic functionality that an LMS software must have is the ability to manage the contents of the programs in an easy and complete way. Ideally, the system helps to manage the contents of all modules and allows loading educational materials such as videos, presentations, documents, etc.

  1. Mobility

Employees use their phones, computers and tablets everywhere. Why not give them a system that they can access whenever they want and where they want? The new generation of professionals enjoys the possibility of learning everywhere, so another feature that can not be missing in an LMS software is mobility. Mobility favors feedback, improves the rate of return, allows you to develop much more dynamic and attractive learning plans and, moreover, it is much cheaper!

  1. Reports

Reports and reports can show user activities in graphic and tabular formats. An ideal LMS software is one that has the capacity to present reports at the moment. With this functionality an administrator can know the statistics of how many students are on the platform, the number of courses they have completed, what is the status of the current course, what is their attendance, the number of tutors, etc. Similarly, tutors can understand students’ activities such as the number of students taking their courses, how much they qualify for the assessments, etc. Based on all these statistics, the LMS can generate reports that can also be represented as digital certificates for the achievers.

  1. Integration

Another essential functionality in an online learning software is the ability to integrate with the rest of the systems used in your company. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences of working with independent systems or applications such as rework, outdated data, etc.

How do I know if I need an LMS software in my company?

If you are familiar with any of the scenarios that you will read below, it is probably time that you seriously consider using a learning management system in your company:

  • Your training plans are disorganized
  • Your students get bored in their learning sessions
  • You feel that you do not know exactly the performance of your employees in their learning sessions
  • You still prepare reports manually
  • You need to cut costs
  • It is being impossible to have all the data in one place
  • You are not meeting industry standards

It is probably obvious by now, but these problems are very familiar. Most companies face one or the other at any given time. This, therefore, demonstrates the importance of using a Learning Management System to eliminate the hassle of your company’s daily administration and focus on generating knowledge, not transmitting it. An LMS software like 360 review software is a resource that provides benefits for both the company and your employees, this is a tool that allows access to training plans, accelerates strategic learning, reduces recurrent training cycles, reduces rotation and the gap of skills, fosters collaboration and knowledge, etc. Consider the opportunity to acquire training software and adopt continuous learning as part of your organizational culture. Remember that the work of your employees is essential to achieve success and to the extent that they are more prepared and trained they will bring better results, increase efficiency and be more successful.